The multitasking Thermopress-Centre!


  • A truly universal machine with endless production opportunities.

  • Realisation of challenging and demanding projects.

  • Infinite possibilities in wood, plastics and special components manufacturing.


This versatile machine easily covers your existing manufacturing tasks and enables you to open new business opportunities in new markets. The Ultraformer gives you an innovative push forward – you can make the impossible – possible!


The industrial heating hood with a flexible deep drawing system plus a high performing heating drawer in combination with a vertical pressing movement will conquer any heating or pressing process!

The 6 in one production capabilities:


Vacuum Pressing

Unlimited pressing of carcasses, counters, whole laminated desks, covers, cladding, veneered profiles in cross and length direction.

3.02.1 UF Rahmen Haube IMG_20201217_1140


>Industrial heating hood
>Deep drawing system
>Membrane fast-change system
>Pneumatic cylinders
>Aluminium work surface
>Heating drawer
>Control unit

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Manufacturing of composite materials and prepreg-parts!

Producing of composite materials with various components for light weight and high strength uses.

Shaping of prepreg sheets made of phenolic or epoxy resin into ready parts.

Manufacturing of carbon components for object furnishings. Ultramodern shop and facility fitting.

Futuristic, endless design possibilities in any upcoming market.

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Heating and forming of solid surface materials

Limitless shaping and forming of solid surface materials, plastics and compact laminates.


New thermoformables such as: UPM-GRADA, RESYSTA, CROWN LAMINATES, NFPP

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3D – foil laminating of all foils/films

All PVC 3D-furniture foils, Kydex, Boltaron and special foils/films made from any plastic.

Laminating of flat and voluminous, tall parts.

Foil laminating of extensive furniture fronts, bathroom carcasses, kitchen cabinets, shop counters, advertising materials.

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Thermoforming of plastics with a thickness of up to 6mm!

Advertising objects, plastic containers, whole bar counters, shower trays, machine covers, kitchen displays, promotional signs with letters.

Prototypes and big, complicated single parts can be produced fast and cost effectively.

The utilisation of all plastics and formable materials.

The permanent hot air stream allows you to thermoform difficult plastics on a case-by-case base without pre-drying.

All thermoformable Plastics such as ABS, PMMA extruded and cast PVC, PC, PET-G, PE, PS, PVC-U, EPVC, PC, PPE, TPO, etc.

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Sublimation of large surfaces

Sublimating and forming of whole solid surface boards (Corian, Hi-Macs, Kerrock). Decorating of MDF boards and HPL-sheets with various motives.

Lettering for buildings, picture landscapes, advertising messages, selected colour design.

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3.12 UF Werkstücke IMG_20201217_113043.
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Ultraformer – the solution for all forming and pressing tasks!

Models and dimensions

Picture 1.png
ultra foil eng.png

Vacuum pumps 40m³/h, 80m³/h, 100m³/h

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ultra stand eng.png

Vacuum pumps 40m³/h, 80m³/h, 100m³/h

Picture 3.png
Picture 4.png
ultra perfect eng.png

Vacuum pumps 80m³/h, 100m³/h, 140m³/h

Other dimensions on request.

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The Ultraformer allows you to go the extra mile for your customers – an ideal machine for an innovative and forward looking ‘maker’.

We offer intensive training, plus continuing support make this machine a success story


The Ultraformer is a leap forward for you!

Futureproof your business today!