Innovative and expertly engineered vacuum presses

For today and tomorrow!

For all your pressing processes in wood and plastics with a wide range of table sizes to accommodate your specific requirements to the point!

For every task a thoroughly tailored machine; either with the well-known clamshell opening or the high performing vertical movement.


bonding – coating - edge banding - flat pressing – forming – gluing - laminated bending – pressing - spot on profile fitting - veneering


All wood and board materials, veneer, leatherette, felt and fabrics, plastics, metal and plastic foils/films, HPL, CPL


  • Exact laminating of any form or shape

  • Perfect veneering - flat or curved

  • Faultless coating and bonding

  • Accurate fitting of lippings and profiles

  • Precise forming of hot materials



>Sturdy reinforced frame

>Pneumatic cylinders

>Membrane fast-change system

>Work surface with air channels

>Control unit

  • integrated in the machine

  • or a separate control cabinet

Vacuformer advantages

Solid machine building

  • Sturdy and robust steel construction

  • Fully welded industrial design, for daily hard working conditions

  • Quality components

  • Long service life guarantees amortisation of the machine


High-end technology

  • Manually or automatic pressing

  • Fast pressure build up with combination of tank/vacuum pump

  • Pressure of 8.5 to/m² up to 10,0 to/m² on all sides

  • Membrane fast-change system for all membranes (natural rubber, silicone, polyolefine films, high temperature films) in any thickness

  • Tough, maintenance free industrial vacuum pumps (Becker, Busch)

  • Standard vacuum pumps oil free (Rotary vane and dry claw pumps)

  • For special customised models oil lubricated rotary vane pumps (Busch)

  • Simple and easy understandable machine operation

02.20 VF Werkstück rund gepresst IMG_20
02.07 Vacuformer Vorderansicht offen IMG
PNG_01 Vacuformer Standard mit Heizhaube
PNG_02 Vacuformer S Vertical Werkstückp
07.01B ohne Abdeckung DSCN0462 - Kopie.p
05.01B VFXL ohne Haube Tank DSCN0074 - K
05.03A VFXL Heizhaube Seite R DSCN0070.p

Advantages of the Vertical Movement

Limitless pressing possibilities through an advanced machine design!

  • Vertical drive with parallel guiding system

  • Opening height of 850mm and 1000mm

  • Oil free pneumatic drives

  • Pressing of tall and flat work pieces

  • No misplacement of the layers and the former

  • No shape change of the former

  • Precise alignment of the work pieces

  • Operation from all 4 sides of the machine


Outstanding pressing results

  • Exact laminating of large and tall work pieces

  • Perfect veneering without female former

  • Faultless coating and bonding – in one production step!

  • Accurate and fast fitting of profiles

  • Precise forming of hot plastics

PNG_02 Vacuformer S Vertical geschlossen
PNG_04 Vacuformer XL Vertical halb gesch
PNG_04 Vacuformer XL Vertical mit Muster

Vacuformer – versatile, functional and economical!

Models and dimensions

PNG_02 Vacuformer S Vertical leer - Kopi

Compact Models

02.07 Vacuformer Vorderansicht offen IMG
vac edu eng.png

Standard vacuum pump 40m³/h

05.03A VFXL Heizhaube Seite R DSCN0070.p
PNG_04 Vacuformer XL Vertical offen DSCN

Large Models

vac L eng.png

Vacuum pumps 40m³/h, 80m³/h, 100m³/h, 140m³/h

Foldable Model

vac fold eng.png

Standard vacuum pump 40m³/h

Other dimensions on request.

Vacuformer with added benefits for your production

  • High productivity

  • Oil free vacuum pumps and drives

  • Operational without setup time

  • One pressing cycle for several working steps

  • One machine for pressing of all materials

  • Efficient use of the working surface

  • Shortening of production steps



Vacuformer with added benefits for your company

  • Expanding of the production range

  • Customer acquisition with more potential for innovative ideas

  • Performance gain of inspired staff through easy operation, leading to perfect pressing results!

  • Cost cutting and time saving

  • Long lasting and robust machine - made in Austria for life!



Vacuformer – More Vacuumpower!

Futureproof your business today!